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Just feeling excited… how about you?

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Do these pics ROCK???
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Varsha Sabhnani

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arsha Sabhnani, who is an Indian origin American was today sentenced to 11 years in prison for keeping two Indonesian women as slaves, forcing them to work up to 20 hours a day for years after confiscating their passports.

Varsha Sabhnani and her husband, Mahender Sabhnani, were convicted in December of forced labor, peonage, harboring aliens, document servitude and conspiracy in what prosecutors called “a case of modern-day slavery.”

Mahender Sabhnani was due to be sentenced on Friday, also by Judge Arthur Spatt, at U.S. federal court in Central Islip, on New York state’s Long Island.

Defense lawyers had argued that the victims made up the story and were delusional.

Prosecutors said the couple, both U.S. citizens, brought two women, identified only as Samirah, 51, and Enung, 47, to the United States from Indonesia with promises to pay $200 a month for housekeeping duties.

Instead, the women testified, they were beaten with brooms, scalded with hot water and forced to eat hot chili peppers as well as forced to carry out household duties. Both were forced to sleep on mats and had to steal food to get enough to eat, prosecutors said.

I thinks slaves are cool! ROCK SOME PANTYHOSE BONDAGE BABY!

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Flasher wearing women’s tights could be jailed

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A cross-dressing flasher faces prison after admitting a string of lewd acts.
Factory worker Paul Cleife ran up behind members of the public and pulled down his trousers to reveal he was wearing women’s underwear.
Between July last year and January this year Cleife, 42, struck at least nine times across the Havant area.
He often targeted lone females and teenage girls close to Havant train station.
Police received a string of complaints from members of the public saying that a man wearing women’s underwear had pulled down his trousers in front of them.
Cleife would often make out that his trousers had fallen down by accident.
His victims told police that he made comments like ‘oops, sorry’ as he stood in front of them wearing women’s tights and knickers.
The persistent pest was caught when officers spotted him acting suspiciously close to Havant station on January 14, this year.
When police tried to talk to him Cleife made a run for it.
But he was arrested after a short chase when police caught up with him.
When he was interviewed Cleife made full and frank admissions that he was the man responsible for the spate of flashings dating back as far as July last year.
Police told The News that many of Cleife’s victims were shocked by his actions.
PC Rob Swift-Simmons, from Havant police, said: ‘It’s obviously good news that this man has been caught.
‘He has been a nuisance in the Havant area, especially around the train station, for some time.
‘Some of his victims were teenage girls and it is fair to say they were quite shocked by his actions.
‘Hopefully now this man can seek some help and assistance to prevent him from behaving like this again.’
At Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, Cleife, of Nutwick Road, Havant, admitted nine counts of outraging public decency.
He was released on bail and will return to court on July 16 to be sentenced.<!—
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Jurors to watch hardcore fetish porn

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FEDERAL courtroom in Los Angeles will become a makeshift movie theatre this week to screen graphic sexual fetish videos in the obscenity trial of a Hollywood filmmaker.

Director Ira Isaacs, whose films sometimes involve bestiality and defecation, says his movies are works of art and protected under the Constitution, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Federal prosecutors disagree and say the movies are criminally obscene.

It was the first prosecution in southern California by a US Department of Justice taskforce formed after pressure from influential Christian conservative groups, the Times reports.

Jurors will have to decide whether the four films are obscene, or whether they contain any literary, scientific or artistic value.

“All they’re going to do is turn on a DVD machine and hope the jury is going to be so shocked and disgusted and offended that they’re going to throw me in prison,” Isaacs told the newspaper.

“It’s going to be a circus. I think I’d freak out if I had to watch six hours of the stuff.”

The self proclaimed “shock artist” said he hoped the jurors would be shocked but that they also saw the artistic merit of the movies.

Many people apparently do see the merit in his films, with Isaacs reportedly selling 1000 videos a month. Since the FBI raid, that figure has dropped to between 700 and 800 a month.

Talk about a layup! Speaking of hardcore fetish porn……

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If Sean Salisbury Asks You To Look At His Phone, Don’t Do It

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Sean Salisbury briefly disappeared from the ESPN airwaves earlier this year. Pro Football Talk noted that Salisbury had been suspended (scroll way down), but the Worldwide Leader gave no reasons for his absence, in fact, they never mentioned it at all. And on December 27th in a column at CBS SportsLine, Mike Freeman gives a “media entry” for his “All-Selfish” team:

The NFL analyst who shall not be named that took a picture of his penis with a cell phone camera and has shown it to numerous, uncomfortable women, then was suspended by his network for it. Absolute true story. Please make sure to clean off the mirror when you are done with it.

If you want to see the picture of Sean Salisbury’s Penis Click Here!!!

Haha! Rock Hard!

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