Amy Adams in Fishnet Pantyhose

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Amy Adams in Fishnet Pantyhose
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Zoey Deschanel show Sarah Jessica Parker how to wear Pantyhose

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On the right we have nice finished, stylish legs in a sheer micro fishnet

On the left we have a vainy, wrinkle, disgusting mess.

Game over. Not even close. ROCK OUT!

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Stockings over Pantyhose!!!!

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Yes…. this ROCKS!!!!
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Hillary Duff wearing Nude Fishnets in public

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Hillary Duff is amazing. A perfect example of how to take a casual day out and make it ROCK!!! Hillary Duff wears pantyhose and tights a lot. That Rocks too!

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Carrie Underwood in Sexy Fishnets

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I don’t know about anyone else. But I think Carrie Underwood is HOT!

Carrie Underwood in Pantyhose, Tights, Fishnets or whatever is RIDICULOUS!!!

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Paris Hilton’s Masquerade Ball

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Paris Hilton hosts a masquerade ball at the Kress in Hollywood to celebrate her upcoming reality show, “My New BFF.”

Nice to see Paris Hilton in Black Fishnets. Paris continues her run to be reigning Queen of Pantyhose.

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Beyonce in Pantyhose… In Public Again!

Posted on June 22, 2008. Filed under: beyonce, fishnets, Music, pantyhose |

We have posted Beyonce in pantyhose before. Here she is in public wearing nude fishnets with glitter.

What can I say other than she has me Crazy in Love!


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Zoey Deschanel- Fashion Video with lots of Tights

Posted on June 20, 2008. Filed under: fashion, fishnets, tights, Zoey Deschanel |

Zoey Deschanel is considered by many to be in the top tier of Legwear Goddesses. Pictured here in nude fishnets. She is right up there with Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan, etc

Here is a video of her that was just posted on You guessed it… IT ROCKS!

Just another shout out to for letting me post my thoughts there!

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Tara Reid in White Fishnets

Posted on June 20, 2008. Filed under: fishnets, Tara Reid |

OK… Tara Reid is a whore. But a whore in white fishnets and a sheer shirt… not too shabby! Rock On!

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Kristina Caban

Posted on June 14, 2008. Filed under: fishnets, News |

Kristina Caban – New York photography student Kristina Caban was sent to prison for kidnapping her ex-boyfriend, Samir Sara, and branding a capital R into his lower back after claiming he raped her.

Kristina Caban, 23, had no comment as state Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus sentenced her to 5 years in prison for what he called “a crime that was not remotely justifiable.”

Caban, her new boyfriend Robert Testagrossa, and a third suspect, Joel Leonhard, who is still being sought, agreed to brand the victim after Caban told them Samir Sara raped her in 2004.

t was later discovered that Caban wanted revenge because Samir Sara had ignored her after a one-night stand, two years before, and hadn’t raped her at all.

“I’m tired of people who just want to stand in my way and push me down,” Kristina Caban, then 21, had written on her page in October of 2006. “To all the liars out there: you better step back ’cause I’m not going to back down anymore. I will hurt you.”

Police said Caban’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Robert Testagrossa, held Sara at gunpoint as he entered a hotel room after being lured there by Caban. Testagrossa, then allegedly displayed a badge and screamed at Sara, “I’m a Long Island police officer! Get on the ground!”

Together with Joel Leonhard, Testagrossa then zapped him with a Taser, bound him and branded him with a capital “R”.

The defendants also had wire brands for five other letters for the word “RAPIST,” but fled before using them when the victim screamed.

After being arrested three days later, Kristina Caban inadvertently tipped cops to Testagrossa’s identity by calling him from the police station house, telling detectives the call was to a “boyfriend”.

When cops checked a record of the call, they saw it was to Long Island and recalled what Sara had told him what one of his attackers had said – that he was a cop from Long Island.

They traced the number to Testagrossa, whose dad is a top Queens prosecutor and whose lawyer mom works for the Nassau County district attorney.

Testagrossa was sentenced to five years in prison earlier this year, while Caban’s sentencing was delayed to allow her to finish school. Joel Leonhard was never caught and remains at large.

Here’s how I see it going down from here! Rock!

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