Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini-Me) has a sex tape?

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Seems that Paris Hilton’s sex video broker, Kevin Blatt, is now hawking a Verne Troyer

(yes, that would be Mini-Me, from “Austin Powers” ) sex tape of the actor with his girlfriend. Apparently, someone snatched it from their apartment and the tape may fetch as much as $1 mill.

Browse on over to TMZ.com to see a snippet. But be forewarned: There’s no going back.

Your brain will never be the same after seeing this.

The irony is that Verne’s sex tape may actually be funnier – and make way more money – than Dr. Evil, a.k.a. Mike Myers‘ latest cinematic effort, “The Love Guru.”

No Comment other than…. Mini Me ROCKS!

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Foot Fetish Guy” hid under kids’ beds

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A man referred to in police reports as the “foot fetish guy” managed to avoid the long arm of the law until he was 34.

Despite a history of creepy behavior, George Fey had no arrests until April, when he was caught breaking into the home of family friends to ogle the feet of their sons.

He later told friends and investigators that this has been a problem since he was a teenager and he tried to control it through therapy and Prozac.

But he stopped taking the Prozac earlier this year when he was hanging out with friends from church who caught him trying to satisfy his fetish with their children, according to the arrest report.

On several occasions, the boys said they awoke in their beds to find George Fey caressing their feet. Fey denied it and said the boys were dreaming.

Other times, they found him hiding under the boys’ beds. When he was caught, he said he was planning to jump out and scare them as a joke. The parents warned him it wasn’t funny and to stay away from the house if he wasn’t invited.

Then they hatched a plan to catch him.

The parents put a plastic cup on the back door handle so that if anyone entered the home, the cup would fall and make a noise. When the cup fell on April 7, Fey looked stunned to see someone waiting up for him.

That was when he was arrested.

Investigators found other cases when Fey was caught.

On Jan. 17, 2002, Fey was crouched under a desk staring at the feet of a plain-clothes security officer at Palm Beach Atlantic University’s library. The officer detained the man he described as the “foot fetish guy” who was the subject of 20 complaints, but always left by the time police arrived. At the time, Fey said he gets sexual pleasure from feeling and looking at men’s feet. But he wasn’t arrested. He was sent home with a trespass warning banning him from campus.

WOAH!! Man this guy needs to take it easy. Jerk off to these nylon clad feet buddy…. and keep ROCKIN’

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George Carlin – You Rock!

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“I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.”

– Gorge Carlin

Hopefully here at Rockstar, we can can attempt to be a comedian sometimes. You rock George. Here’s a shot at it crossing that line in honor of George Carlin…

I am sure there are a million things worse than this to post… and I intend to find them!
Wow… enjoy!

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Jurors to watch hardcore fetish porn

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FEDERAL courtroom in Los Angeles will become a makeshift movie theatre this week to screen graphic sexual fetish videos in the obscenity trial of a Hollywood filmmaker.

Director Ira Isaacs, whose films sometimes involve bestiality and defecation, says his movies are works of art and protected under the Constitution, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Federal prosecutors disagree and say the movies are criminally obscene.

It was the first prosecution in southern California by a US Department of Justice taskforce formed after pressure from influential Christian conservative groups, the Times reports.

Jurors will have to decide whether the four films are obscene, or whether they contain any literary, scientific or artistic value.

“All they’re going to do is turn on a DVD machine and hope the jury is going to be so shocked and disgusted and offended that they’re going to throw me in prison,” Isaacs told the newspaper.

“It’s going to be a circus. I think I’d freak out if I had to watch six hours of the stuff.”

The self proclaimed “shock artist” said he hoped the jurors would be shocked but that they also saw the artistic merit of the movies.

Many people apparently do see the merit in his films, with Isaacs reportedly selling 1000 videos a month. Since the FBI raid, that figure has dropped to between 700 and 800 a month.

Talk about a layup! Speaking of hardcore fetish porn……

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Singapore man with armpit fetish gets 14 years’ jail, caning

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SINGAPORE (AFP) — A Singaporean man with a fetish for smelling womens’ armpits has been sentenced to 14 years in jail and 18 strokes of the cane, legal officials said Friday.

A court employee confirmed the sentence, issued Thursday, against Mohammed Ismail Ariffin, 36.

Ariffin had a fixation for touching or smelling women, particularly their armpits, and was convicted of molesting 23 women, his lawyer Noor Mohamed Marican told AFP.

“He’s got this problem. Poor chap,” Noor said in a brief interview.

After reading an expert report that said Ariffin was likely to re-offend, Judge James Leong issued a preventive detention order, which means Ariffin will not be eligible for parole, The Straits Times said.

Ariffin, who is mildly retarded, would often attack his victims inside lifts, the report said.

It said Noor argued against a long sentence and in favour of rehabilitation and medical treatment.

But Leong said he found “precious little” in Ariffin’s favour, The Straits Times reported.

WOW!!! I wonder what happens if you have a pantyhose, nylon, stocking, or tights fetsih!?!?!?!?

This… I hope. Rock it!

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